Minimalism August 3, 2021 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Minimalism is a gorgeous trend that pops up regularly, but this year it’s come back bigger and better than before. This style focuses on open space and intricacy and works in both big and small homes, making it even more versatile.

If you’re looking to design your home in the minimalist style, the key is to focus on limiting the amount of stuff that you have and ensuring that the pieces that you do have on display work together to create a flawless theme throughout the room. Pick your colour scheme and stick to it, and remember that less is more!

A perfect contrast to the minimalist trend, maximalism is an incredibly exciting style that isn’t for the faint of heart. This really is the opposite of the minimal theme, where you can focus on creating layers of colour and print to make an almost-too-much feel when you walk into the room.

Animal prints and clashing colours are what this is all about, and while most people may think that this trend is an easy one that you can just throw anything at, it’s actually tough to perfect. You need to strike just the right balance for this to work, and it can take some time to find it. The best way to approach it is to work in layers and keep adding until you hit the sweet spot.

A classic style, black and white, will surely never go out of fashion – however, this year, we’re seeing this trend in the bathroom, which is a big change. Generally, bathrooms sit on the neutral colour palette, with lots of whites, greys, and stone shades. The introduction of black into the bathroom is a stunning one that we wish we’d seen before now!

It can feel like a very intimidating colour, but black hues can be added gradually until you hit the effect that you’re going for, so focus on your accessories first and then work up to something bigger. Shower frames in black give an amazing sleek and clean-cut look to bathrooms and transform the room with such a small change.

Gallery of trendy posters in elegant grey living room interior with brown corner sofa

Previously, the go-to colour scheme in homes was grey and white, with touches of blush pink or mustard. These shades are stunning together, but this year we’re seeing houses bursting away from those palettes and delving into things much brighter