Clever Storage Ideas for Small Houses July 18, 2021 – Posted in: Uncategorized

With the long Summer holidays approaching and COVID still wreaking havoc with our entertainment plans it’s looking like a long old 6 weeks around the house with the children scuttling about beneath our feet.

We can not and do not want to tidy away the children so instead we can look to create clutter-free spaces in our home for a more peaceful environment. This can be a challenge if you reside in a property whereby space is not your biggest asset. Making the most of the space you have and making it work hard for you is the best approach to take.

Here we have some useful and clever storage ideas for small houses that will help you clear the decks for playtime and worktime during the next few weeks.

How do I make my home work hard for me?

  1. First, have a clear-outThe first week of the Summer holidays get the whole family involved in a clear-out. Take unused items to your local charity shop or recycling centre, not only will this leave more space in the storage you do have but it passes a day as an activity too!
  2. Then, get organised Now you have released yourself from the shackles of the unwanted clutter you can start to organise. Go through sections in the cupboards (be it kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms) and create categories. Collate items into sections so things are easy to find. (Very helpful to reduce the “where’s my… cries!”
  3. Storage furniture Now you have cleared and organised you will be left with items that have no home or need a new home as they previously weren’t stored. A clever way to increase places to store is to use furniture that opens up as or includes storage. A stool that has a lid for example, or a hallway bench that is also an ottoman. Swap items you own by selling them on second-hand websites or by curbside collection and replace them with storage furniture.
small kitchen larder cupboard.jpg
Pantry cabinets are a great way to add storage while investing in an everlasting piece of furniture for your home.

4. Go up

Wall space is very often unused storage space. Where you don’t have space on the ground you often have space above you. Stylish storage hooks can be a great way to clear a hallway or box-style shelving that can be used as cubby holes. Shoe storage benches are a brilliant way to clear strewn shoes and boots and have somewhere to sit to put them on when you’re leaving the house.

5. Go under

There are many wasted spaces that can be used as clever storage that you may have overlooked. If you are planning on doing some renovation work then consider under-stair storage. This can be a simple cupboard but if you take it one stage further a carpenter can build drawers that pull out of the side panels or even magic stairs that are also drawers! Under-bed storage is also a must, if there is a gap use low rollaway boxes to storage out-of-season clothes or books and toys. This can be done under sofas too in living rooms, it means toys can be rolled away and rolled back out again!

6. Stack shelving up

Many people own ikea kallax shelving particularly in playrooms and children’s bedrooms, if you have laid horizontally stand them on their end, you have the same amount of storage but less floor space taken up. you have room to add another next to it, or space to put toy tubs and storage baskets for easy access to toys.

Baskets are a great way to create easy access to toys in corners and cupboards

7. Use doors for storage

Unassuming doors can have dual purpose with great storage features. Building in shelving all around the frame is a great way to add bookshelves. Backs of doors provide great space to hang organisers making even more use of the cupboard space.

8. Freestanding units in kitchens and bathrooms

Despite having a fully fitted kitchen and bathroom, assess if there is room for a free-standing unit. This can be a statement piece and investment piece that will be worth the outlay for the extra storage space. The great thing about these items is they can come with you wherever you move on to in life. A pantry cabinet is a great example of something so useful.

The moral of the tale is that there is more storage opportunities than we may first realise. Nooks and crannies provide a space for cupboards, shelves or storage benches. Blank walls provide a space for shelving, peg rails and pinboards and underneath sofas and beds are hideaways for toys and games.

Removing the clutter and organising the space we do have creates a calmer atmosphere for everyone in the home. Get everyone involved and feel the benefit of a relaxed and organised environment.

That’s day one of the holidays sorted!